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Yesterday I made some 4 dKH water, using 14 dKH water made from an ampule of lab standard water. When I used my KH test kit to measure the KH of that water, it said 3 dKH. So, that raised a lot of doubts in my mind about the KH test kits. Calibrating that kit is a much harder job. But, it finally occurred to me that I should be able to take advantage of a property of sodium bicarbonate to do that. The property is the solubility of NaHCO3 in water, which varies with temperature. I converted the graph of that solubility to read in solubility of carbonate instead of sodium bicarbonate, getting this graph:

The technique will be to start with distilled water, add a lot of baking soda to that, let it sit quietly on the kitchen counter (where else?) for an hour or so, with only very gentle stirring, to saturate the water with baking soda. It won't matter that my baking soda will contain some water in the crystal structure, since that water just joins the distilled water. Then I use a syringe to get a sample of that water, 1 ml, as closely as I can get, and quickly add it to enough distilled water to end up with 20 dKH water, by calculation. Then dilute that to get my standard solutions. Will this work? I know the saturated solution will be losing CO2 to the atmosphere, but if I do this rapidly I should still have saturated solution being added to the distilled water. Am I missing something?

If this will work, it is another way to make 4 dKH drop checker water.

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