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This is what I currently own...

20H tank
10 tank
5.5 tank

Hood for 20H with 15" 15 watt floresent
Hoot for 10 with 15" 14 watt floresent
Hood for 5.5 with two indecent bulbs at 25watts each

Two AC 150
One AC Mini

Many air pumps and small sponge filter

Two 50 watt heaters
One 25 watt submergable heater

Enough Gravel for 1.5" in the 20
Enough gravel for 2" in the 10

4' shoplight with 1X40 watts bulb

I want to set up as many of these tanks as possible and I was think this

20H angelfish biotope lowlight tank
20L heavily planted tank
10 gallon nano tank
5.5 quarintine tank/hospital

20H would keep it gravel and the plants would be low light like swordplants and anubias so I wouldn't need much substrate and it would have a pair angels in it.

20L would have co2, lots of light and the substrate from the 10 with sand and flourite mixed in. Fish would be mixed

10 gallon would have sand/flourite gravel and be heavily planted

The five would be an extra in an emergancy and maybe a nano in the distant future.

Does this sound like a good plan? How should I do the lighting for everything? I also have a 150$ budget for everthing except the fish.

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Well for starters, your 10 gallon with 14 watts is a good low light set up. If you skipped the substrate for the most part and had driftwood with java ferns and anubias you'd be off to a good start. I am trying something similar in a low light 58, using air stones to try to keep the CO2 at ambient levels. Just started a few days ago, we'll see if it works! I'm still waiting for the driftwood to sink right now.

If you got the wood and plants you could maybe start the angels there until they grew too large.

I'd go for heavily planted in the 20H instead of buying a 20 long and a hood and so on for it. Just start with what you've got. You can pull the guts out of the strip light and put in a 55 watt 6000K retrofit. I did that with a 20H and it was nice. I had a double tube flourescent on it at first and was not happy with that at all. 50/50 gravel and Flourite would be fine, you'd be doing supplimental fertilization anyhow. I'd put the swords there, plus a full assortment of stems and anything you want, 55 watts over 20 gallons will grow pretty much anything until it gets too shaded from growth. DIY CO2 works for this size tank. You can get that going first, then work on the others as you get funds. The lighting will run $75 to $90, and you need a bag of Flourite $15 to $20, and plants.

I would think that the 20L would be too short for so many plants, what is that 12 inches deep? My stem plants grow an inch a day, you'd b pruning twice a week!
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Well I have a sheet of glass that I can cut for lids so how about this...
I will get a 30 gallon instead of a 20L so I have more to work with. I will get shoplights for it and use sand/flourite for the substrate.
The 20H will be low light with two 15 watt bulbs.
The 10 will have two 15 watts as well
the 5.5 will keep its hood.

Should I put co2 on the low light tank? I will have it on the 30 and 10 gallons.
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Are these tanks close together so that you could use one pressurized tank and a manifold to run CO2 to each tank? If all these are DIY, you are going to go nuts keeping them all going if you start them all at once. I really suggest getting one tank up and running first, whichever you can get the lighting up for first at lowest cost.

I really did not enjoy my 20H with two 20 watt lights on it, I think you'll be dissappointed in it with two 15 watt lights. It may depend on your water, though.

Shoplights... is the 30 gallon going to be 48 inches wide? That would still be a shallow tank. Or are you going to put tanks in a row to share light, I don't understand, but sharing light is an idea. With glass tops and if all tanks were elevated so the rims were level, you could put a 10 gallon and a 29 gallon side by side and have 50 inches for a 48 inch light.

How are you getting two 15 watt lights over these tanks? New strip lights? Be sure to look into the retrofit kits, it can give you more usable light for about the same or lower cost. As I said, I was very unhappy with the double tubes I used and regret spending that money only to replace with compact flourescents anyhow.

As for a sheet of glass for lids, I hope you will cut it and buff the edges somehow and use the fitting you can buy from the online shops to put hinges on the glass. It would be a darn shame to cut yourself trying topen the top or dropping the glass and shattering it into the tank. Really, the bought tops from or are pretty reasonable, and local stores may have them at fair prices also.

On the 10, one 15 will be a fair start, I wouldn't spend money on the extra lighting for that one, but if you have a spare strip laying around, then go for it. I have an incandescent hood on my 10 and use screw-in compact flourescents, a pair of the spiral type on one tank and the u-tube type on the other. The spirals are much brighter with 19 watts each vs 10 watts each for the u-tubes.
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I have two screw in power compacts, over a 15H, and what I thought would be a nice low light tank is actually acting like a moderately lit tank...cabomba and asian ambulia are growing nicely.

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