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Converted tank?

Hi all. I've been following you guys and am not even sure I belong here. I have a heavily planted low tech tank which is intended primarily for fish. I started with a few live plant clippings and have gotten to the state in my picture. It's not pretty but my fish (tetras, mollies and platies) love it.

I see all of your tanks and love the aesthetics but hate to break down a good (for my fish) thing.

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It's a 39 gallon and I have a Fluval canister filter. I do large water changes about once a month because I test weekly and all seems well.
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Like you, I'm primarily a fish person. I have plants in my tanks and want them to do well, but the tanks are really for the fish and shrimp. You have some nice looking fern there. The tank looks healthy. If YOU like it, don't change it.

At least you don't have blue gravel like I do. :-)

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Some of the ornaments in the tank are not to my taste, but other than that I think it looks great.
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Converted tank?

Yeah, I've got ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece all represented. But the plants are rooted to/ around them at this point so there isn't much I can do. I think. Oh, and the kissing fishes are Valentine's Day window clings that my 4 year old put on. The'll come off after Valentine's day.
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Your tank is planted? Then you belong here Welcome! Check out the low tech forums. Those guys have pushed the envelope on what can be done without getting all caught up with the gizmos. Maybe you'll be inspired to take a clipping and put it in a vase as side decor Maybe you'll find new clippings from the Sell/Trade forums to add to yours. Maybe you'll inspire someone else!
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Nice GMOs...

I personally can't enjoy the fish unless the tank looks realistic. Otherwise it looks like a child's goldfish bowl to me.

I think an all-natural planted tank that is *truly* heavily planted will make you and your fish much happier. That paint isn't waterproof forever and whatever those ornaments are made from will leach out into the water.
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I'm kind of like you .. my plants are set up for my fish. You however are much braver than I am since I never post pictures of my ugly tank. lol

Thanks for sharing your photo. And you definitely belong here.
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Guppy...I thought I heard sarcasm in your first sentence but had no idea what a GMO was so had to look it up. Yes, I have gloflsh. I got those initially because my son liked them but when they were my only survivors from superstorm sandy 5 day power loss...I got more. We live in an area prone to outages so it seemed prudent. And they glow. Which is cool.

I guess I don't know what "truly" heavily planted means. Looks like a lot of plants to me!!! Does it look childish because of the ornaments? I think they're fairly understated (not a purple pirate ship) and that the plants tone than down a bit. that I'm defending my tank I guess I DO like it after all. It does need work though.

Maybe I'll prune into a new "truly" planted tank (if I can knock out my husband long enough to sneak it into the house and set it up).
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I would not consider tearing it down either. Not needed!
But if you do want to change it up some, there is a way that is far less drastic but still works. It doesn't disrupt things much to do small changes while letting things settle in between the changes. I have no ideas on what you may want to change so consider these to only be examples.
If you want the big plant to be farther to the right, dig a trench and try to slide the whole root clump over to the new location. It will disturb it and may show some die back for a time but plants don't die from moving. Far easier on them than being dug up, bagged and shipped? Small changes, moving things here and there works for me. When you consider what that means compared to what the normal plant takes during a move, it's a piece of cake to the plants. Feel free to enjoy your tank and plants as you feel fits!
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I think that what is important is that you like your tank. Just because you don't have an iwagumi layout doesn't mean you can't enjoy your tank. I personally don't like negativity. I think this forum was created so that others can share their experiences and offer assistance in creating planted aquatic environments. You shouldn't have to defend your tank. I think the fish and plants look very happy.
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Honestly, I think your tank looks great. The plants look healthy. The tank looks clean. if the ornaments bother you, you could get some of those packaged cryptocoryne from Petsmart and plant them in front of the ornaments. There's usually a nice clump in those packages and they've done very well for me.

I think there's a lot of us here like sowNreap who have healthy tanks but there's something about them that embarrasses us too much to post them here. I have vintage gravel in two of my tanks - blue in one and purple in the other. I have a couple of ornaments that are gaudier than yours that have Java fern tied all over them (I'm hoping to completely cover them some day).

2 2.5s, 3 10s, 2 20s, 1 29. Low light, low tech. Ponds
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Thanks everyone for your input! I'm ok with the less than sparking feedback for a few reasons. First of all, I did ask in a group of experts. Secondly, I learned a few things just from looking up phrases and acronyms in the conversation that followed. And most of all, being in a position to defend my tank did make me realize that I like it. Sort of like when you find yourself defending a sibling that you normally fight with yourself from someone else.

I do think I'll make a few changes and may try my hand at a third, but "truly" heavily planted tank in the future.

I'll be watching!
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I think the tank looks good. I'm not big on ornaments but I've seen some used with great success. That being said, I love that you include your child's input with the tank. Don't discourage him/her, embrace the teamwork. You are mentoring a future aquarium keeper. Keep up the good work!!

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I agree with Chevy. There aren't too many fish people out there. That's why I love the internet and regional hobbyist clubs. To have someone that shares that joy and is close to you is special.

However if nobody really cares about those city ornaments, you can slowly peel the majority of those java fern roots off. Just don't snap the rhizome. You can also very slowly pull up the other plants too right before you add in new substrate... Like the day of. Thouh if your plants are growing well already and you don't really need new substrate. All the replanted plants will go through that initial melt of replanting of course.

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