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Aquarium in bedroom/kitchen = Bad Feng Shui?

Hello everyone,

I am no Feng Shui expert, but I am a very superstitious person that believes in things like karma and so forth. I believe that good karma normally occurs to those who do good things and bad karma happens to those who do bad things, which is why we always hear the phrase "karma is a b..." to say the least.

I believe there's a natural balance to things, but my superstitious nature always has me thinking that sometimes good things happen by chance or luck. I started searching about how to bring better luck and prosperity and naturally attach it in my planted tank, and of course Koi, Arowana, and Feng Shui came up as the top search terms.

These fish are said to bring good prosperity based on color factors and balance. Reading into it, I found that it is considered bad luck to have an aquarium in your bedroom or your kitchen because it can literally suck the life force out of what a bedroom is normally used for (hopefully you know what I mean here)

I also learned that it is bad luck to place an aquarium in the kitchen for reasons unknown, but I was wondering if a Feng Shui expert can chime in here.

I personally have my aquarium in my room and another one in my kitchen for two reasons, these are the two places I visit inside my household the most (outside of the restroom) and having decor in these places puts me at ease more just knowing that have a piece of nature to stare at in front of me.

When I'm at work, I feel no energy at all sometimes and I feel that is somewhat to do with my office being bare and having nothing to keep my mind at ease. I can't go on the internet and search for things to put me at ease because then I would be breaking company policy, so I've thought about bringing a small aquarium into my office to keep me coming back.

An aquarium in my room has meditating effect in my opinion, for example, the sound of air bubbles or streaming water at night puts me to sleep, while the tank in the day time keeps my mind at ease, bringing good "energy" as I love to stare at the tank.

I'm sure other people do the same thing, but why does Asian culture believe this is a bad idea? Feng Shui means balance in life, and like most of us I'm sure, we're naturally trying to balance our planted aquariums. This is what aquascaping is all about.

Where do most of you keep your planted tanks in your household? In Feng Shui, I read that one must place them North-East or something to that effect.
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I have a small apartment... I have 2 tanks in my room.. And I used to have one In my kitchen/living room

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Im no feng shui expert but my dad is (people give him like 3 to 5 thousand dollars in red envelopes) for feng shui-ing their house as a favor. Note that he does not charge anyone theyr3 just thankful. He only does this for his good friends and from what hes told me:

1.)Its not good to have water accross the oven because it cancels out ur elements. So that may be one reason not to have in ur kitchen.(other people need more fire to suceed some people need water)

2.) Money = water flow going in circles
Putting it in a place with fire could perhaps symbolize money burning away or troubles in money circulation.

As for bedrooms I have no clue why. I just know you shouldnt be sleeping infront of the mirror cus it makes you sick faster.

About placing it in certain direction in the house it completely depends on which direction ur front door is facing and your birthdate. I also think if you have water at home, it should be moved in the "good" position every year since it changes every year (big pain).

Good luck! Hopefully I dont sound crazy but this is just a few things ive learned from my not claiming these to b3 facts. But Curious to see what others have to say.

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Not sure about all the Dung Shui stuff but I do worry about smells getting into the aquarium. I am new to the planted aquarium but spent many years in the reef hobby and heavy smells were always an issue. As you know the kitchen can produce some strong smells especially when something goes wrong. And the bathroom, if connected to the bedroom, can get smelly with perfumes, hairsprays, ect.... I'm not sure if freshwater tanks are as sensitive as reef. Maybe someone else out there has some info on that.
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The placement of items are all dependent on what your elements are based on your birthdate and time and house layout.

Rooms such as kitchen and bedrooms serve one main purpose. The bedroom is a place to be free of distractions so you can get sleep hence the name. That's why a TV and computer should not be in there or other items electronics items should be a minimal to avoid these distractions. Noise and smell of fish tank can be a potential distraction as well.

I wouldn't find putting a tank in either place optimal. If anything, it should be in the living room. Kitchen is for cooking and bedroom is for sleeping. I don't spend time in either one except to do that.

I rather stare at my tank on a comfortable sofa instead.
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I don't know about feung shui but I know when I wake up to my 75 next to my bed it always puts a smile on my face.
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The reasons NOT to have one: It's more practical than anything Feng Shui might suggest to not to have one in your bedroom. It's for sleeping, not a noisy tank(potentially). Tanks should be shared among the those entering your home.
Few go into your bedroom. So it's not part of the home really.

A lot of Feng shui is actually just common sense.

Tom Barr
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A male perspective of Feng Shui

A tank should be in a location where you like to take your Sunday afternoon naps. They are also good in a place where you can drink scotch late at night with your feet up.

My tanks are placed to maximize this location. 125 - with a comfortable couch horizontal to the tank in the living room. 4 tanks in the garage - a rocking chair that I've been re-finishing for the last 10 years and a custom built rough stand with an strategically placed brace. :- )
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I have 4 tanks in my bedroom. But then I'm in there most of the time doing work so might as well have em where I can enjoy them. They're all small so they're easy to move if I so choose.

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Originally Posted by mach_six View Post
I wouldn't find putting a tank in either place optimal. If anything, it should be in the living room. Kitchen is for cooking and bedroom is for sleeping. I don't spend time in either one except to do that.

I rather stare at my tank on a comfortable sofa instead.
Guessing you have no toddlers? I am in the kitchen way too often to get them drinks. Have 2 tanks in there and it breaks up the boring tasks of getting them drinks or prepping meals.

My other 2 tanks are in the foyer and I sit on the floor with the kids or alone to view the bottom one. I can see the side of them from the living room couch. But no lounge and view in my house
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I find that having a planted tank in your bedroom forces you to do a few things differently. For one, it's the first thing you notice when you wake up and the last thing you see before you go to bed. Therefore, you sort of force yourself to feed your fish and monitor your plants and water, etc. a little better.

The idea of having a fish tank in the bedroom versus the living room is different if you're single or have a companion. Having one in your living room is more suitable if you have a large household with kids, you want to share the tank individually as opposed to in a small apartment with no real house guest where you can have it all to yourself.
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I am a person who lives life by mathematics, science, and sound reasoning. As such:

I don't have an aquarium in my kitchen because I cook there. This means airborne oils and such will enter the water. Also, I like my meals like my aquariums: elaborate and well thought out with plenty of space to work. My kitchen is small.

I would put one in the bedroom, but I spend very little time there. Noise is not a concern. I have a girlfriend and two dogs that snore. The third dog whimpers in dreamland.

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Water is good fengshui. It represents wealth, I think.

The white noise from filters would actually help you fall asleep. The only health issue would be the high humidity in a confined space like the bedroom. Cover the tank and just have one.

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Water is good grounding positive energy. Fish are seen as good luck. I have aquariums in 2 bedrooms (15 gal, 29 gal and 30 long in one and two 10 gal, two 20 gal and a 30 gal high in the 2nd one) and an 80 gallon aquarium in my kitchen. My husband is very tolerant. =) I've had no negative issues. With our smaller house there are only so many spots to fit things and the kitchen is the only place the 80 gallon will fit. As with anything, your mileage may vary. =D
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Forget Feng Shui? Is your Chi strong??

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