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question about snail and snail eggs

I have a QT tank that has some pesky ramshorn snails in it that have gone crazy. I dont feed the tank since the Qt is for plants coming in to the house. I have used my net in there and now I am going to nuke that tank but got to thinking... if I happened to get snail eggs onto the net (rubbed up against plants and sides of the tank), would they survive being dried out for a few days and still be viable if the net were gotten wet and the eggs fell off into water? I use the net in other tanks on occasion and dont want these little buggers in my tanks. And what about a full grown adult... would it survive a dry spell for a few days? a week? I was going to use some bleach to nuke the tank but if I can achieve the same result just by removing all the water and letting everything dry out for a couple weeks then why bother using the bleach?

Any information regarding this would be helpful,
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Why the freak out over snails? Ramshorn Snails are terrific cleaners and are a great sign of a healthy tank.

Beyond that - if you've got them in your quarantine tank, they'll keep the beneficial bacteria alive.

They won't survive more than a few hours out of water. Eggs will also dry up rather quickly.
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I love each and every one of my snails! I tend to overfeed, and they keep the tank looking clean eating leftover food, and dead plant matter. Snails are a natural part of any aquarium in my opinion, while you can do without snails, I think the overall health of the tank is increased with snails.

If you're really concerned about snails transferring to your show tank, you can always soak your net/tools in potassium permanganate to kill the snails. This is a good idea anyhow if you have a hospital tank, keep things sanitized, and help prevent spreading disease/parasites.

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For a QT the snails would be a good idea to keep, as Somewhatstocked said. They provide a little bit of ammonia to feed the beneficial bacteria, they would clean up dead stuff and detritus. The population should take care of it self if you are not adding any food to the tank, as their numbers are dictated by how much food is available. If you have tons and want to thin the numbers out you could try the lettuce method. Where you put a piece in on the bottom of tank overnight, the next morning take it out and it should have quite a few snails on it. Do this until your numbers are in check.

Be sure to rinse your nets thoroughly and I don't think you would have anything to worry about there. If you were really worried about any crossing over due to the net, you could always buy the QT its own special net, as they are cheap. This way if you were ever using the QT for a disease or parasite treatment, you would also be covered.
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Thanks for the input so far. I do like the idea of a second net for the QT and do have other nets so no worries there. The main question was out of curiosity about how long snails and snail eggs survive away from water just for knowledge and just sorta popped in my head when I was swishing around in the snail infested water. Good to know they wont last more than a couple hours out of water. Makes me wonder a bit about the snails that lay their eggs above or just below the water line in nature... doesnt this put them at risk of not hatching?

Always 2 sides to any snail question on the forums. Snails or no snails. People do have their preferences. I do not like these mini ramshorn snails because their populations have exploded regardless of the lack of food in the tank and I think they are ugly as they are active and visible when lights are on. I do like Nerites for the algae eating and non breeding and do like MTS as they aerate my substrate and eat detritus and other stuff and are generally most active when the lights are off or when food is dropped in so I dont have to look at them. The QT had MTS in it to maintain the cycle. Probably shoulda done a bleach dip of the plants prior to the QT but was in a hurry to get the plants under water.
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The ramshorn snails won't survive out of water, but other snails can. I know assassins can for at least 48 hours MTS I've had out of water for 12 hours. As far as the eggs go, apple snails are the ones that generally lay their eggs out of water, but do so right above the surface where it's still humid and the babies can get into water easily.

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Or you could get assassin snails and get the party started.I'm gonna leave my pond snails multiply for a while ,just like the Gremlins ,and then.....well ,we all know the end.....
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