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Talking Beginner planted tank help

Hey everyone im new here my name is Jesse and I have been researching planted tanks for about a year now, So here is my build idea and please if you can give any suggestions or advice please do. Im doin a 100 gallon planted tank the substrate will be dirt with sand cover my filter will be two 722 filstar XP3 canister filters. the heater will be 2 Via Aqua titanium digital 300 W. lighting will be Aquatic life T5 HO with 4 lunar LED 200 watts of lighting. now for my plants, the back plants: nesea golden, amazon sword, water sprite, money wart, Ozelot sword, Green wendtii. Midground plants, Java fern, ludwigia repens, chain sword, sunset hygrophilia, horn wart, java moss. foreground, Hairgrass dwarf, Anubis coffee folia, coryptocoryne petchii, staurogyne repens, blyxa japonica, marimo balls. now for the fish, I love rainbows so here is the species I would like to have: 10 furcata rainbows, 10 gertudes rainbow, 10 threadfin rainbow, 10 signifer rainbow and the cleanup crew I would like to have 10 otocinclus catfish, 10 peppered cory cats and 10 red cherry shrimp wooh alot to write lol. My questions are, Is that to many fish for a 100 gallon??? I dont want to overcrowd, all of those fish like 75-82 degree water so would 78 be a good temperature??? Im going for medium light so is 200 watts to much?? thank you all so much for the help
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any help would be appreciated. Is this a good idea ???? bad idea???
thanks guys
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Watts Per gallon is outdated. PAR value is what is used now.

You can read about it here
Lighting an Aquarium with PAR instead of Watts

I don't see Aquatic Life as 1 of the fixtures listed. You may want to e-mail the manufacture to see if they have any PAR ratings.

As for the plants your listed, they seem like easy to grow plants. Although, not all plants grow well in every tank, some will do better then others you will just need to try some and see what works for you.

The fish you listed I couldn't say how many is too much, general rule is 1 inch of fish per gallon of water. Although, you can get more fish if you increase filtration. I always just go by how the tank looks, I don't like the empty look but also don't like it looking over crowded.

Are you going to be dosing ferts? If you are shooting for medium light you will most likely need to dose ferts and use either excel or co2 to make sure algae isn't a problem for you.
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Thanks for the reply and thankyou for the lighting chart its extremely helpful all those fish i listed are 1.5 to 2 inches full grown according to wiki, I do plan to dose with excel and us organic soil for substrate.
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Blyxa japonica can sometimes be sensitive to hard water, while furcata prefers hard water. Your temperature range is fine. I think your plants are generally suitable for the setup you have.
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awesome thanks so much
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Here is a link that will help answer your overcrowding question that is extremely helpfull.
IME hornworts are extremely dirty. Yes, they grow like crazy but when they start to brown the needles fall off and it's a mess! I had one in my tank and it double in size in a week. The bottom of it started to brown and I had a mountain of needles. Eventually I had to just take it out of there. The top was going nuts with growth but the bottom seemed to suffer for it. In the end it was just too much upkeep.
Enjoy your new tank.
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I like hornwort fine but don't plant it, float it. Then you can pull up the mass and remove the old stuff easily. It just grows to the surface in a day anyway. I don't really want floating plants in my tank but my platies adore it so it stays. I don't know why mine has never fragmented into a mess, just luck I suppose.

How about some wood and attach the moss, ferns and Anubias to that? Even if your plants are small the tank will look nice if there is a strong hardscape. Rocks are nice too, I love seeing the corydoras and otos on the rocks.

That is a huge variety of plants you have chosen. Be prepared for some to take over and some to vanish without a trace.

Research Blyxa, Staurogyne and hairgrass carefully. They may do better with CO2 than not.

4 full length bulbs might be more light than a non CO2 tank can handle. If you can hang the light or run 2 bulbs or both you might be happier. See the sticky thread in the lighting forum for information and graphs and all that.

There is a nifty page you may want to read through here for guidance on how to set up a non CO2 tank and do read through the wonderful journals here on the journal and low tech forums for how tos on lighting and fertilizing a low tech tank.

You don't have too many fish for a 100 gallon tank for sure. You may want to increase the number per school and reduce the number of schools once you get the tank started if you discover they inhabit the same area of the tank and are too close in size and shape which might look more chaotic than you intended.
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I used an anchor for my hornwort, maybe that was the problem - or just bad luck
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thanks for all the help guys, I love your driftwood and attaching plants to it idea and It would look awesome so I think I will incorporate that in. I researched the plants you mentioned and those do alot better with CO2 so i will leave those out and float the horn wart. If i can get away with 2 T5 bulbs instead of 4 ill gladly do that cause the light would then be half price
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