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Talking What strain of MTS do you have?

If you're afflicted with multiple tank syndrome what form does your disease take? Did you start off with your basic community tank and decide you wanted a new challenge, so added a shrimp, nano, or species tank (or all of the above)? Did you love your community aquarium so much you have several? Or maybe every flat surface of your home is covered with bettas? Did you start your second, or third, tank with a specific idea (rift lake cichlids maybe?) but over time they've become a mish mash, of what would survive with that one fish who doesn't play nice, or the old timer you can't believe is still swimming? Do you plan your next aquarium before the one you're currently setting up is even cycled?

I'm curious about why we suffer from MTS and the different types of fish keepers there are. I started with a community tank, and then added a betta. But he couldn't stay in the community because it would be stressful to the other fish, so he naturally got his own tank. I then thought it would be a fun challenge to set up a shrimp tank. And I'm always planning my next tank, I mean I haven't tried my hand at rift lake cichlids yet. And I'm always dreaming/planning about the 200 gallon discus tank, that maybe someday...

So what about you?

Sometimes I wish my hobby didn't involve water
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Nano tanks with shrimp. I don't know why I'm enthralled by the little buggers, but I just keep having to get more tanks to keep more color variations.

I think our syndrome results from a God complex. I must keep creating more worlds to control.
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I like the idea of a god complex I think I have multiple tanks the same way some people have 4 cats. If you asked them why they probably couldn't tell you.

I'm kinda sad more people didn't respond.

Sometimes I wish my hobby didn't involve water
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I'm recovering from MTS. I have one running tank and three shrimp in a bowl with some plants. I have fallen off the wagon a bit as I am setting up a new frameless tank with another one planned, but as a compromise I'll be taking down the sole 20L PFR tank I have running now. I plan to stop at three total tanks.

I started with one 29g tank at my office. Move it home, added a 75g tank. Then a 20H, then a 20L and 40B, then three more 20L, there was a 10g in there somewhere too...all shrimp at one point. The 29g was an Exodon tank for a while, the 75g a bichir tank, a PDF viv, a community tank, then a shrimp tank. Now I just have some garden plant starts waiting to go outside. I may do another fish tank with it at some point. Maybe bichirs, maybe a big school of Exodons again, maybe a mixed peaceful community. All the 20's and the 40 have been shrimp.

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Started with monster fish...then community, the community planted, than nano stuff with inverts, then planting with monsters, then high tech nano communities and high tech monster fish planted tanks.....

I'm weird lol

My 75 gallon High Tech Tank:http://tinyurl.com/n7zp47m
My 10 gallon High Tech Tank:http://tinyurl.com/qyf7s5o
My 5.5 gallon nano College Dorm Tank:http://tinyurl.com/p54uupj
Mom's Spec V:http://tinyurl.com/qjt3rw2
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I started considering a tank to fill the void in the living room when my son moved out and took the desk. Stumbled onto this site and fell in love with the planted tank. Spent weeks looking a pics and reading before taking the plunge.

Got the 55 set up and running smoothly and thought shrimp looked interesting, got ghost shrimp and was surprised that only the smallest got eaten and that I really like watching the survivors. Ordered rcs and they were way too small to survive in the ct so they went into my already cycled 5 quarantine/hospital tank. Well, weeks & weeks later I have week old fry and 4 more berried moms so I'm thinking I have a shrimp tank.

Now I have a 10 cycling cause my serpes are picking on my angel and, well, we can't have that now can we. I think I'm gonna need a bigger house

Hubby thinks I've lost my mind but now he wants me to wait to feed until he's there to watch so I think there's hope for him!
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Originally Posted by Nubster View Post
I'm recovering from MTS.
I think it'll be an ongoing struggle, one day at a time

I've have the hypothesis that many people end up with a second or third tank because a fish/shrimp they bought for their community tank didn't work out. Which is actually a positive thing because it means they care enough about the welfare of their fish to get them their own tank

Sometimes I wish my hobby didn't involve water
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I have 3 nano tank
8gal with Crystal reds and black
10gal community (cory's and card. tetras for now)
and my newest one is a 11gal hi-tech, -going to try to keep a couple dwarf puffers
all this within a year. B
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Originally Posted by 82nd_Airborne View Post

I think our syndrome results from a God complex. I must keep creating more worlds to control.
I like that answer.

I started with a 55g and was never able to keep plants alive for long. So it stayed mostly fish related.
I was always on the lookout for a bigger tank as bigger is better. Well I found a 125g for $50 and couldn't resist. Before I got the chance to set it up I discovered this site (and I put a lot of the responsibility for my MTS on this site) and figured out how to keep plants alive and thrive.
My original goal was to set up my 125g and tear down the 55g...that didn't last long as I had a turtle wanting a bigger tank so in to the 55 she went.
Well I though my kids could use a cool night light and put 10's in their rooms. I picked up a 20l QT that was quickly turned into yet another community tank.
I found a 15g for $10 and thought I'd use that as a QT tank...never got that far and became a shrimp tank.
I have had some discipline lately as for the last 6 months I have had a 30l empty in my garage. However I see it being set up soon but as a hydroponic type grow with maybe just some goldfish for waste. I thought it would be different and a learning experience for my home schooled son to learn different ways of doing things.

I'm kind of out of room in my house at the moment but when we buy a bigger house in a few years (hopefully with a basement that I will turn in to an aquatic center) my MTS will flare up with a vengeance.

In the eventual new house I want a big tank for a change, something in the 400+ gallon range with the rest in the basement (besides the kids tanks in their rooms)

Semper Fi
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I'm cautious by nature and prefer to run my larger aquariums lean on bioload, heavy on filtration, with sufficient backup equipment to have multiple options should a problem arise, as well as keeping a smaller backup tank up and running for each larger tank to allow for quarantine of new stock, grow-out/quarantine of new plants, etc. This burden--in equipment, space and care requirements--works to greatly limit my tech laden tanks.

The joys of no-tech planted vases, however, led me a bit astray. When a new habitat takes less than a week to set up, can be placed anywhere there's light, stocked and planted entirely from existing populations? Mayhem. At the highest point I had 40 scattered throughout my tiny apartment--in addition to my 37g, 20g, 10g, and 2x 2.5g standard tanks. They taught me a great deal, and it was tremendous fun to experiment with them, but I've been steadily (sometimes painfully) whittling their numbers down. Current count is 15 bodies of inhabited water, with an ultimate goal of 9.
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Originally Posted by Knotyoureality View Post
. At the highest point I had 40 scattered throughout my tiny apartment
WOW! It must have been so tranquil in there. If they had been regular tanks it would have been super noisy with the filters and pumps and what-not, but because they are no tech vases I'm picturing some kind of aquatic greenhouse I stay away from the no tech vases simply for this reason. I have a feeling I would get too into it and end up with WAY too many.

Sometimes I wish my hobby didn't involve water
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i'm too lazy to keep so many tanks.
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Mineralized Top Soil
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Multiple Tank Syndrome

Let's come up with some more... it isn't confusing enough yet!

I have everything from mason jar nano setups to a 90 gallon... 12 total if you count the jars. My favorite is the 55g cichlid tank I just finished setting up.

One day I want a 400+ gallon in-wall plywood tank with a school of huge bala sharks.
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For me, it started with a desire to keep different types of fish. For example, a 29 gallon community tank led to a 30 gallon fantail goldfish tank and then to a 55 gallon Malawi cichlid tank and to saltwater, then shrimps, etc. Most of these setups are long gone, but I now have five tanks operating (ranging from 4 gallons to 55 gallons) and a small betta bowl. There are also about six empty tanks as well. I admit - it's more than a hobby, it's a disease.
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multiple tank syndrome

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