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I almost called it quits when I had to tear the tank that I had finally gotten perfect down to move and then the tank got shattered in transit. Somehow I ended up with two new tanks...
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i think its a combination of boredom, fascination, obsession, and boredom.

for me, i cant imagine life without some kind of tank. even when i deployed to iraq, i kept marimo balls in a water bottle.

im the kind of guy that is CONSTANTLY challenging myself to improve, but unlike most such people, i have a lot of patience. many of my current projects have been going on for several years. before i joined the army, i kept a strain of mosquito fish that i had selectively bred to be able to withstand insanely high levels of ammonia, well over 20 ppm. that would flat out kill any other fish, even the ones i started with 8 years earlier. i started that strain when i was twelve and kept it going until i was 21. im weird like that.
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Originally Posted by auban View Post
i think its a combination of boredom, fascination, obsession, and boredom.
Great way to put it!

Also thanks for your service Soldier!

"Semper Fi"
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I used to be in & out. But that was simply because before I would just stick to one main hobby & after awhile it gets boring, so I ditch it to start another & so forth. Now I do a lot of other hobbies so they all kind of just balance themselves. I find the key to keeping my tank running is to not show all of my interest into it or else I'll get bored easy
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The planted tank hobby is like any other hobby -- people get into it for different reasons. And those reasons can range from a whim like "I saw one on the internet and it seemed cool " to a more serious "I'm an aquatic botanist, I love aquatic plants and I want to experiment". So on the whim end of the spectrum, a person may not be as emotionally, mentally or intellectually invested and thus doesn't have an anchor that keeps them tethered to the hobby, especially when they face challenges. On the serious end, a person likely has way more invested, and therefore is more likely to stick with it through the tough times. And that person probably does more upfront investigation anyway that helps them avoid a lot of the more common pitfalls that lead to frustration.

The other thing is personality. Again, there is that spectrum... on one end is the type who starts and stops a lot of things. Someone who gets frustrated easily, who gives up when the answer is not spelled out for them, who doesn't have patience. Someone who wants instant gratification. On the other end is the type who starts something, solves problems, delves a little deeper, challenges themselves, and takes their hobby one step further, whether that means increasingly challenging setups, or adding more and more tanks. They have patience and like to think. And of course there are personalities all along that spectrum.

If you combine the reasons for why a person got into the hobby with their personality, you can probably guess the likeliness of them leaving the hobby.
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Moving and work have been the two biggest contributors to me stopping and starting. When you move things are very hectic, you have to tear down your tank and the time or focus isn't there to set it up again. Then with work I could go literally months with only seeing my tank on the weekend and the tank is a low priority as I have so many other errands to take care of to just maintain my own basic life requirements.
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Graphical representation of a person's likelihood to exit the hobby based on where they fall on the patience spectrum, and where they fall on the spectrum of reasons for entering the hobby:

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Life happened to me. I had a baby, moved, and had no money to put into getting my tank back up, so I let it crash.

Now my baby is a toddler, our house is now our home, and I finally have some money to put back into the hobby

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Rita Mae Brown

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Originally Posted by Sake View Post
For me, I got into the hobby to relax, and lower my stress levels, doctor said it would be a good idea. Then a year later, I had a 2nd massive heart attack and couldn't take care of my tanks for over a year and a half. Now I am finally able to lift the buckets and carry water so I can take care of my tanks again. I'll probably be back out of the hobby in a few weeks after my next stress test, they're seeing if I need open heart surgery, so I imagine ya'll won't see me for a spell lol. Health, life, money, boredom, are all factors in why people leave and come back.
hope you don't have to quit due to health...

sending positive thoughts your way, or a prayer if your okay with that.

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6 gallon journal

you can see more photos here the 4 8" cubes are on flicker... will get to their journal at some point (they are fun as they change often)

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Originally Posted by Eldachleich View Post
That graph conflicts with almost everyone I know....

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How so? Basically what it says is that if you have low patience and entered the hobby on a whim, you have a high likelihood of exiting the hobby. Versus someone with a lot of patience and who entered the hobby with a very high interest in aquatic botany and fishkeeping, then their likelihood of leaving the hobby is low.
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Only reason I left the hobby, was that it was too much a pain to keep breaking down and setting up several tanks (had to move a lot).
Got back in the hobby when life settled down again :P

I entered the hobby on a whim and am quite impatient, but was doing planted tanks for many years before the above life complications got in the way. I'm (that graph)^-1
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Originally Posted by dprais1 View Post
People fall in love with the idea of a fantastically planted tank. Then they are disappointed with the reality (put an Amano tank next to mine and I'd either laugh or cry). Having a planted tank that looks good, i mean GOOD, takes, at the least, real planning, money, time, and effort.
I have a fantasy of being able to afford to have have Tom Barr come build me a tank ...
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People move in/out of pretty much every hobby, but the shifts might appear more dramatic with fish-keeping than many others due to the amount, type and value of the equipment involved.

When I get tired of doing cross-stitch and decide to pack it in for awhile, I can bundle everything up into a file box. It stores small, the equipment doesn't change much (thread, needles, hoops etc) and is often useful for other hobbies, and--frankly--doesn't have much resale value. Other than buying new floss, there's little incentive to buy a bunch of new stuff if I pick it back up again.

If I decided to break down my aquariums? There's typically ALOT of equipment that doesn't break down small for storage, doesn't translate well to other hobbies and can net me serious money even dumping it cheap on the local market.
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I'm practically a serial hobbyist, so I completely understand why people get into and get out of hobbies. I always go in and out of hobbies, projects, interests, and whatever my current obsession is. I'm completely fine with this, because I've basically figured out my hobby is learning and doing. Some hobbies I've gotten into and stuck with, many I have not.

This one is new for me, so we'll se how it goes. So far it's *almost* been a year. At first I just wanted a "fish tank" and picked up a Fluval Edge 12 gallon. In googling it I stumbled across a big thread here on the the Edge, and many people had plants in it. I thought that was cool and got some plants and threw them in without any research. I had terrible luck but loved the idea. I came back here to *really* learn about it, and it's been fun.

I think this could be a hobby that lasts, but then I could also see burning out after a while, so we'll see. The big bonus of this hobby is I can do it without leaving home. Hobbies that have a lot of work between me and doing them tend to fall off (i.e. owning a fishing boat).
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