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I am very interested in getting the 12 gallon for my betta, i thought that i would keep the water line lower than the top glass portion like an inch or so to allow breathing room but also so you could view all the pretty floaters that are in his ten gallon right now, i thought it would look really cool like that.
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^ how was the betta able to survive days without being able to find the hole to breath?
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Betta are very interesting. I think, they have a definite personality. I have had no trouble with mine in either 6G or 12G. It's the second. My first died due a swim bladder condition I could not cure after having had him for a number of years - first in a a small cube, then a 1.5 gallon, then the Fluval 6G!

The only trouble I have had is their piggish feeding behavior, and that they can bug the snails and small shrimp.

I have never seen them having trouble finding the opening.
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This thread is exactly what ive been searching for for quite a while. Peoples experiences with bettas in EDGE tanks in particular. I know this post has nothing to do with my own experience with introducing a betta in my own tank however i would eventually like to do so using the help with you guys on here!

Could i perhaps lower the waterline when first introducing him to the tank and then raise the water line a cm or two over a period of a couple of days to slowly introduce it to the small opening? or would he just get confused and thing the surface was gone completely?
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Haralds, Ashted, glad to see you here.

Ashted, if it were me, I'd just keep it filled up normally and see how he does. You can always lower it later if he's having any problems. I'd be more concerned that he'd get used to having all the surface area to begin with and then stressing out when it starts to disappear. If he has to find the opening from the get go, I'd think he'd be more likely to get used to it quicker.

--Chris in Pensacola, FL
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Good point. Thankyou once again. ha
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I brought the original Edge 6 gallon when it came out and was introduced to this wonderful hobby. The very first fish introduced to the tank was my blue betta.

The fish store had a display model with 1 betta and several other fishes, they recommended the betta as a good choice for a beginner.

It was awful watching him struggle at the top, he would dart up constantly around the hole. Sometimes he would get lucky and find the hole, other times I would watch him slowly drift down to the bottom. I think the lack of air is stressful, maybe not deadly but defiantly stressful.

My sister has her own betta fish in a 10 gallon and his behaviour is a lot more pleasant to watch. They like to sit on top of plant leaves and float up for air. Mine had to swim for a while before reaching the hole, which sometimes doesn't happen.

The final straw was watching him sleep (or rest?) then drift up for air, only to find an invisible wall. It was an awful sight and I couldn't enjoy my tank.

Additional Problems:

Beside the fact that it took him a while to find the hole, I saw him flare with his reflection. The side panels of the Edge are mirrors (if view within), this caused him to flare quite a bit. A frontal view of the Edge reveals a two sided mirror, these mirrors at both sides give a 3D effect. I'm not sure if it's healthy for a Betta to constantly see his reflection.

Problem Fixed:
After a week, I decide to fork out a few bucks for his own tank. I'm sure there are people who successfully house a betta fish, I guess it all depends on how smart your fish is.

Maybe I should of waited more than a week but I couldn't stand watching him dart around the top glass.
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I wouldnt worry about the tetras being eaten. They're much better swimmers than a betta.
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My anecdote:

I had a betta for about a year in my Edge 6. I had the flow turned down and a Fluval intake filter sponge on the HOB. He could find the opening and he was fine. I moved him to another tank only because I wanted to add shrimp.


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I put a Betta in my 6 gallon Fluval Edge 3 months ago, and he seems healthy and happy to me, although I haven't actually witnessed him taking air from the opening. He just as frequently finds air bubbles that hang about at the top just under the glass. Either way, he seems to be thriving.
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Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
bettas can (and do) drown. i had one drown when it got itself caught in the hairnet i was using to tie moss onto a piece of wood (now i only use string).
they evolved the labyrinth organ to breath air, but their gills are no longer (if they were ever) capable of supplying all the oxygen the fish needed.
it would be like a person with only 1/4 of a lung, they would still suffocate, just a little slower.
It suffocated because fish need flowing water over their gills to breathe. Any fish would also die, not just bettas. Only certain species of fish (such as the nurse shark and most catfish) can sit motionless and breathe fine. Now obviously if there is a good current in the tank then fish can appear motionless while breathing but in reality there is water flowing through their gills at a rate that allows them to breathe.


To the OP, your best bet with most things is to try it and see. Some bettas will find the opening and some won't. Depends on the fish.

EDIT: lol oops didn't realize this was a necro thread.

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When I had a beta in a Fluval Edge 12g it did fine. It would go to the surface without a problem.
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My betta seems to be doing fine in his 6g Edge. I doubt he could build a bubble nest but that is the only restriction I see.

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I have a female Betta along with 5 Guppies, 2 Endlers and 5 Corydoras Habrosuses. Everything is just fine. The Betta is happy and thinks that she is a Guppy and has had not trouble finding the hole. Also, I filter using a Ehiem filter and the water parameters are good. No nitrites.

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