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Are these real?
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11 Substrate

Was hoping to get some pro's and con's of 5 min epoxy vs silicone... maybe I'll sand the area a bit, should give the epoxy something to grab onto.

In any case, yesterday after draining the tank I added the substrate. Started with some peat, about 1/2 to 1 inch thick. To give the substrate something nutritious, I spread out a couple of Jobes Ferns & Palms sticks, and pushed them all the way down to the bottom.

On top of that, I built up the Kitty Litter substrate. I started with some that was not rinsed (much), and then changed to rinsed (and previously used) one. About 3" layer in total.

The little plastic tube in front helps me to remove most of the water that has collected from cleaning/spraying the glass and sides. Siphoning that out moves some of the dusty particles to the bottom.

When adding water very slowly, there is not much of foggy water to complain about. Of course, it is very hard not to open the faucet and "fill that sucker", but that would make a diatom filter necessary.

My other tank needed a bit of a pruning, and it is always good to start up tanks with lots of plants, so there you go. I started planting some Crypt lucens in front, but it got late and that's how things look right now.

I added a few Cherry shrimp too and they survived the first night alright. This morning the water was pretty clear. As I plant some of the larger plants, there will be dustiness, but it should settle down fast. Once the planting is complete, I'll wait a bit longer and then start up the filtration.
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