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Question Help me decide on a pump for needlewheel C02 diffusion

I'm trying to decide on a needlewheel pump to run inline with my XP3 and Inline Heater. I've narrowed it down to 3 options:

1. -Danner Mag 2 ($51) +Shipping
-This pump should work well with an XP3

2. -Danner Mag 3 ($57) +Shipping
-This pump is only $6 more, but might be too powerful for an XP3

3. -Don't buy a needlewheel pump, save some money, and just inject the C02 inline before the filter, and let the filter be the reactor.

This tank will be mostly ferns, mosses, and carpet plants. So I don't think circulation will be as important on this tank as it is with some of the bushier stem filled tanks.

Here is the DIY inline heater assy. (NOTE: fittings are temporarily installed on both units)

Here is what I will use to inject the C02 inline either before the NW pump if I get one, or before the filter intake if I don't get a NW pump.
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