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Originally Posted by MrJG View Post
Much luck man. Sadly my 20 long is afflicted with this stuff too and its just nasty.
Already done a complete tear down to clean/dip plants individually in H202 and Excel (albeit a rather quick dip for most things). Stuff just comes right back. I have toninas and pogostemons in the tank as well so I'd rather not nuke it with chemicals if possible. Going to get it cleaned up as much as possible this evening and try the blackout method then run lean on ferts and drop the lighting to like 2-3 hours a day after that before I give up.
Just kills me that everything is growing so well, dosing is on target, CO2 is stable @ ~30ppm but I can't shake it. I had it before the tear down but I more than likely made the problem worse by adding some fresh aquasoil back in during the re-scape.
After the blackout I didn't think it worked, I have noticed that a large portion of it is gone. I am doing 50% R.O. h2o changes every 3 days now. dosing 50% less ferts, actually just potassium and cutting the lighting cycle back to 6 hours only running 2 of the bulbs. I get my Amanos this weekend and hope to see them help with this. The next step is the Rosy Barbs.

I have taken some infected cuttings and placed them into a couple of really cycled nanos and the SpiroGyra algae is gone. I don't know if it's because of the maturity of the tanks or the Endlers picking at it. I know this thread needs some pics and I will work on that today.

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