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Originally Posted by Joetee View Post
I was shocked when I went there a few days ago and found it closed. If there isn't a local shop in Lexington, then I guess were all going to have to use online vending. We here in Lexington should start a monthly team order. What do you all say?
Just the starting pre-stag, but we need to figure out how to plan and manage a local area online ordering plan. With the economy like it is, this could actually be set up all over USA and even the world. This could save us a lot of money. I think we need to start small, say a test first. Everybody needs to be within driving distance of each group. There needs to be a group leader. We should probably set up some sort of communication that is linked to everyone in the group. We would probably need to set up a list of the most common items that we would want to order once a month or so.
I would like some idea's and some leaders to step up and help with this idea.
Shoot it down if you don't think it would work. Just voice your idea's would be great.

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