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7 Plumbing and filtration

Time for updates! I have been working on waterproofing the non-epoxy surfaces, built the canopy, and put on some overall finishing touches. But first let me share some of the plumbing and filtration details.

Both tanks have three compartments. The front one is going to be dry, and house micro dosing and other equipment. The center compartment has the sponge filters, and the back is where the pump is placed.

The filtered water will be distributed throughout the tank via a spraybar (will be hidden behind plants). The sponge you see, and its twin brother underneath, should help to keep the tank water crystal clear without too much maintenance. As they clog up, the water level in the pump compartment will go down. I am not sure yet if that is good or bad and how bad it might get. Time will tell, but I can do some minor changes to set it up differently.

A 1/2" PVC pipe serves as overflow in the center compartment. I am planning to mainly feed this tank with water from a tank inside the house, and add tap water once in a while. So every night there will be an automatic water change filling up this tank, overflowing into the tank underneath.

Here is the lower tank, you can spot the 1/2" overflow towards the back. Right now I am planning to have this as a water reservoir/recycling old tank water to irrigate the yard.


When the lower tank fills up, it will overflow to the outside, watering some Camellias. I can adjust the max water level via another plastic pipe that can be turned up and down.
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