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Attempting a DIY LED fixture - Part 2. New pics 9/27 (56k)

I am planning to make a LED light fixture (actually 2 of them) to replace my T5s for my 22 gallon tanks. This is a challenging project for me since my skills and knowledge with electrical equipments and circuits is very limited. So much of it is still very much is planning and design stage now.

I will need a lot of help with it to make it a success so every feedback and suggestion is very welcome and appreciated. I need HELP!!

I am planning to use Luxeon Star LEDs. Here is basic circuit diagram I am planning to use. My first question is with parallel circuits. Below the circuit diagram are 2 wiring diagrams. Which one is the right way to do parallel circuit to evenly distribute 1050 mA into 3 legs of the circuit?
Note that the circuit diagrams are based of sample circuits provided at

Next question. I am planning to use either
LED120A0024V10F (Xitanium 120VAC 25W 1050mA driver)

Datasheet -

LED120A0024V10D (Xitanium 120VAC 25W 1050mA dimming driver)

Datasheet -

I am considering the second one in hope to build a circuit off it to automatically dim the lights over a 1-2 hr period for dawn/dusk effect. However I am completely clueless how to do it. Can anybody suggest a circuit (with diagram and components) to make such a circuit off any of these drivers? I am planning to use 15 LEDs (7 blue, 8 white) as in the circuit (350mA/3.42Vf each)

Below are a couple of diagrams I put together to plan the layout of the lights over the tank to cover most of the area. The light intensity at the bottom of the tank is in progress to be calculated. I plan to use 25 degree Fraen lenses.
image 1

Light coverage
image 2
If these links don't work for you, the images are attached to one of my posts on page 2 as well.

More questions on heat sinking and other aspects coming soon.

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