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I've always wondered about how AS would do in a super-low-tech setup, so I'm interested to see the results. No doubt it's do-able, but I wonder if there are any unanticipated issues that may arise...I guess we'll find out. Where did this idea come from? Curiosity I guess?

I might add that (for most people) it is counter-intuitive to think that a low-tech setup would actually be more difficult to maintain than it's high-tech counterpart, seeing as there are less variables to manipulate, you sort of have to just rely on the system itself. This will, no doubt, be eye opening for those who think that the less equipment, etc. the easier to maintain....It's not often that one sees high-tech tanks that are doing really, really poorly. I mean sure, we all have our occasional algae outbreak or whatever, but I've seen tons of low-tech setups that are just a mess, a disaster. (Not anyone here, of course).
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