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JJP2's 135 Gallon Planted Rainbow tank

This is a bit late as its been up and running since Oct'08. I've shared some of it in posts on other's threads, so its long over due that I create a journal.

I started with a 60 gallon tank (tall 55) on 1/07 as my first tank ever. When that got too small, I upgraded to this 135 in 10/08. I started low light and with anubias and java fern. Then I upgraded lighting and was forced to go to CO2 and dry ferts. This was when I found TPT.

Tank Placement
It is setup as a room divider with a sitting room on the front side, my office/desk on the back side, one end facing a wall and the other end facing out.

Tank, Stand, Canopy
135 AGA tank gotten used (72x18x23)
AGA stand which I refinished and reinforced by inserting 1/2 plywood between the 2x4's. It just seemed too flimsy to put 1200lbs on for my liking.

Canopy - DIY see pictures in another post below

Lighting - 2 2x 80w T5HO TEKII retrofit kits
Bulbs - 2 Geisemann Midday, 2 Geisemann Aquablue.
Duration - 1 pair of bulbs (1 of each) from 10 am - 3 pm), 1 pair from 1 pm - 8 pm. This gives 10 hrs of lighting with a 1 hour burst.
Moon lighting - 3 white current lunar links. On 2 hrs before the lights and 2 hours after.

I did debate over the amount and whether to go with the 5ft bulbs (80W) or the 3 ft (39w) bulbs. I decided based on cost. The 80W retrofits where slightly more but the difference between 4 bulbs and 8 bulbs was quite a bit. Looking at the tank now, it has full light coverage as the bulbs were staggered slightly and are 3-4 inches higher than the tank which allows for some disbursion.

Filter - Fluval FX5
UV - 40 watt gamma (its a monster and too big, its 3 ft long)

Both of these were purchased off ebay, relatively cheaply. The 40 watt gamma is big, cumbersome and likely too much for the tank, a 25 watt would have sufficed, but I got this one cheaper than a 25 watt.

CO2 - Rex Regulator with fabco NV-55 and 20 lb tank
Diffusion - T'ed into return line.

12 bags of Flourite Bag Sand

The current plants are
large Rubin Red Sword,
small red devil sword,
medium Kleiner Bar sword,
Madagascar Lace plant,
Limnophila Aromatica,
Windelov Java Fern,
Coffee Anubias,
Anubias Nana,
brown wendtii crypts,
parva crypts,
pogostemon erectum,
Najas Roraima,
Rotala Rotunfolia,
Tiger Lotus
and some others.

The current fish are
various species of Rainbows,
Clown Loaches,
Opaline Gourimis
a columbia tetra (first fish I got in Jan 07),
julia cory's,
hillstream loachs,
albino brusselnose,
regular brusselnose,
whiptail catfish
gold nugget,
and Otto's.

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