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Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
i didnt see the part of your post on automation.
im doing the same thing, and im using aqualifters. the thing is, they cant lift the water too high. also, if its too low, itll dump in too much water, unless you have a very good percise timer. im using them since i can hook them up to X10 which gives me control down to the second, but an average timer with 15min intervals would be no good.
unless you can do something like that, i suggest you get these:
epicfish showed me those, and they pump in mls per minute if i remember right. so they would be perfect if you plan on using regular timers. also, you only need 2 pumps. macros in 1 bucket, micros in the other.
here is the thread, look through it, it may help:

oh, yeah. forgot about the whirlpool. for me that wouldnt be useful, since i have an eheim surface skimmer attached to my eheim prefilter, so that sucks out all the skum, but yeah, you need SOMETHING, or it looks really gross.

so, will it be an iwagumi? or will you put wood in with the stones?
Sorry for double post (and very late reply).

I haven't tried the aqualifters yet, but I read a few reviews where while the aqualifters don't pull water up very high, they can push water very efficiently. I will experiment with this and update this thread with my findings. Hopefully it will work, or my automation plans will need to be rethought.

I saw the perstaltic pumps before, but I think they are a bit too expensive right now. While they are much more precise and probably worth every penny, I thought I'd try the aqualifters first. I need to double check my timers to see what their minute intervals are, but I might get newer, more accurate ones.

I'm not sure if it will be iwagumi. I don't think I want driftwood this time around though. The aquascape is definitely up the air still.

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