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Hello, everybody! The move went well, thank you. All of my plants lived! Hoorah! I only have one of each kind right now, so I'll have to wait a while for them to multiply before I can trade them or give them away (which may take a while in my super low tech tank).

I have read about fish getting ich from 'infested' plants before, but the article also said that you just have to quarantine your plants in a fish-free tank for a few days because the ich needs a fish to continue it's life cycle, and if there are only plants, it should die pretty quickly.

I'll be setting up my 40 soon (I still haven't checked if it sprang a leak on the trip down...). So, if anyone has an experimental substrate they want to try or wants to help, let me know. I'm game for just about anything as long as it's cheap. Maybe Lucky Buddy would enjoy calling it home. *shrug*

Let me know if you all do want to get together some time to talk fish, plants, 'fancy dirt', etc. I haven't actually met anybody with a planted tank yet (except for store employees), so I think it would be fun.
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