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Hello trallen, Tried super glue under water, seems like water makes it harden instantly. Ill get some gel in the morning. The ick is gone, but the male Firemouth got wounded some how. At first I thought it was a infection or something, so netted him an it looks more like a flesh wound. I cant figure how it happend, it should heal fast I hope.

I realy hoped my ballast would show up today, but it didnt. Stopped by the lfs, asked them if they wanted the pleco, said they did. So the problem fish will be getting a new home. Ill take red hooh with him. Thought about it an decided that I didnt want to worry about the two of them destroying the time an money Im putting in this. Id rather put it together an enjoy it, than wonder if the red hook is eat the anubias when Im sleeping.

Worked over the hard scape, made it taller, think its looking better. Put a few rocks on the other end of the tank, need a piece of wood to go with them. Ill get this an a couple plants to go with the ones I have an dress it up a little in the next couple days.

Here's the new scape, wow, figured out how to crop a pic!

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