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Hey, Craig. I did get the Eheim 2232 for Source yesterday. I've yet to set it up, though. More precisely, I set it up, but getting the tubing straight enough to not cause my pipes get all crooked was a PITA. I need to figure out something to keep the tubing straight while having the filter next to the tank.

The only other thing I'd think of upgrading on Source is the stand. I'm kind of in love with the Ott-lites on this tank. The spread's perfect.

Yamata stones are nice. They are very small, though. One could do a good 'scape with them, no doubt, but I didn't see a single piece bigger than closed fist. No pieces stood out as Craig's-gotta-have-this-one! though.

I know, huh, Brad. I didn't even know about planted tanks when I lived in Japan. Which is a good thing, probably. It's expensive enough just living there, let alone being addicted to all the cool planted tank stuff they have.
I've been dreaming of a Mini-S inside of a 60-F. Water from the Mini-S would cascade into the 60-F and back again. That'd be neat.

My name is Ugly and I'm a ADA addict.
Hi, Ugly!
The price was twenty-five for the tank, MARIMOBALL. I not going wabi-kusa in this tank. I'm too much of a control freak with planted tanks to go that route. Letting the Bolbitis grow out the rim is a good idea, though. Is there anything special I have to do to achieve that?

Speaking of being an addict:

My kitchen is starting to look like a fish store. If I weren't so reliant on my microwave, I could get rid of it and have a corner of Aqua Bliss. (Actually, when I get a Mini-L, I will be moving the microwave to the other side of the counter so as to have my corner of Aqua Bliss.)
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