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Originally Posted by Viettxboii View Post
What does quasi-wabi mean D:
Dollface pretty much said it. I was just being clever. Instead of pronouncing it the way it usually is: QuasEYE, pronounce it QuasEE. Then: QuasEE-Wabi. It rhymes!
It's because this is marketed as a Wabi-Kusa tank, and the way I scaped it isn't. So it's a fake wabi-kusa.

Originally Posted by Dollface View Post
edit: and like I said back in Source, That moss is going to look fantastic when it grows in
Thanks! I hope so.

Originally Posted by PinoyBoy View Post
i love how all your aquascapes are nice.
I appreciate that.

Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
looks varry good and cant wait for this one to grow in
Thanks! I can't either.
Once the Mini Microsword spreads, I'll be adding a dense cluster of dark plants in the back right corner, probably Bolbitis and one other stem plant. That way the rock will look like a river running through a dense forest. That's the plan, anyway.

Originally Posted by clwatkins10 View Post
Nice. Did you jack that light off of Source?
Temporarily, yes. I've since gotten a thirteen watt 5,700k screw-in CF. (It's a tad high for a tank this size IMO.) Soonish I'll go to Fry's and pick up another Ott-lite for this tank. I'll also probably be pumping CO2 into it. DIY. I thought I wouldn't, but I now realize that I can't help but put CO2 into a tank.

Originally Posted by clwatkins10 View Post
Wow, they have mini-m's for $34
If you look, they have a ton of cool stuff there. I like this. It's called "Waterfall". I've love to 'scape that. But $260's a bit steep for me.

Originally Posted by ZooTycoonMaster View Post
Woah I read that as something else
I won't even ask, Zoo.
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