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Hi Tim, I have some twine, like using it better than thread cause its easy to tie. A coulpe of the rocks are big, an would take a buch of string. An when I get them where I want them , dont wanna move them. Started a thread on it, people said to use super gel, it will bond under water.

Orderd the ballast an ends, picked up a 54w 6700k T5, so Im waiting for the Ballast to show up. Orderd it from Natural Also got a 48"x9.5" sheet of Miro 4 for my 29g. Hope they get here sometime next week.

The Ick spots on the Firemouth are fading, did bump the salt up to 2 Tablespoons per 5 gallons, temp is at 84. This much salt pry wouldent be good in a panted tank. The catfish dont seem to be bothered by it. My experince, this is the cheapest shurefire way to beat Ick. I started the treatment as soon as I saw the spots on one fish, five days ago. It hasnt spread to any other fish. Ill do a large water change on the 8th or 9th day, to bring the salt down, an drop the temp down to 79. Then I can add plants!

The pleco is arranging the sand where he wants it, exposing the eggcrate, think Ill add another bag. Thinking about a bag of black epoxy gravel, Maby that will make it harder for him to move.

Heres pic of a couple fish.
Firemouth has alot of color, common but I like him so far.

Redhook, wont see these guys in planted tanks much.

Peppered cory, one of 6.

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