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Hey there,

Well I've bought Manten twice so far the fisrt time I got some really neat looking little rocks. I don't have pics though. The 2nd time though I wanted a main stone. I told him I wanted something big and nice. He was able to take a picture of them for me.

I bought the biggest rock in the picture as it looked the nicest from what i could tell.

It is almost 16lbs! I ran for like 120 for the one piece!!! lol I know. But otherwise It is hard to say if you will get good or scrap rocks. I was fortunate though. But when I go to Poland this summer time I plan to buy A LOT more Manten stone. From what I remember the store I will be getting it from comes out to be 5.50 Per pound. Many polish scapes have very nice Manten stone so I hope to be able to pick out a bunch when I land there!

Anyways I hope this sort of helps.
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