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I couldn't get some one else to please me with a reactor so I have had to DIY... I hope I don't go blind <ggg>

After reading that others with Rena Filstar XP-3 filters were having the same problem - namely CO2 gas accumulation at the top of the filter w/o full reaction, I decided to tackle the problem of getting or making a reactor.

There are a few commercial reactors available, and several good ideas for DIY. Of course, just because it's DIY, doesn't mean that the parts are {easily or otherwise} available. So I went on an expedition to the Home Despot. I wanted the ease, availability and the cheap cost of PVC, while at the same time wanting to be able to see into the reaction chamber. Clear PVC was an option, but not locally available, and I like to ~touch~ things before I buy.

My solution came about with finding the following parts: 1.5" ID Vinyl hose, 2x 1" PVC conversion elbow, and 2x .75" barb converters. Total cost under $9. The barb fittings are wrapped in teflon tape, and screwed into to elbow. The outside of the elbow has raised lettering, which I filed smooth with emory paper. The end of the vinyl hose is inserted into boiling water for ~ 1 min to soften it, and then the elbow is inserted into the end. The fit is snug, but clamps can be applied to synch the vinyl down on the PVC if desired. A small hole is made in the side of the tube to allow the input of the CO2, and the tube is filled with some Bio-balls or cheap dish scour- scrunchies.

If I can borrow a digital camera, I will send photos. What is the recommended size for photos included here?


125 gal; walmart-K/L covered in PlaySand;
Rena Filstar XP3
6x85watt HO flu. 4.08 Watts/gallon
3x 6500K + 3x 5000k 8hrs/day
HP CO2 ~50 bub/min into Rena canister
My Tap H2O = 0% NO3; 2 Gh; 6.8 pH; 0.3 ppm Fe
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