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55 g. low tech

This is a 55 g. that has been running for about seven months. It housed an oscar up until a few days ago, so it was a bare tank for the most part.
He was a gift, an the first fish that I had ever kept. Due to my ignorance in having such a large fish, he developed a terminal case of HITH, an passed away. My family will miss him, as he was a very good pet. So Id like to dedicate this thread to the memory of Captin Jack.

Here is the hard scape, its made up of lava rocks I collected an a couple of pieces of drift wood.

This is the first hard scape Ive ever tried. If you see anything that you might change, let me know. Im going to look at it for a couple days, then maby make a change or two. One of the new firemouths has two spots that im pretty sure are ick, bumped the temp up into the mid 80s an put about 6 TBS of salt in. If hes not better in a few days Ill add more salt. Im holding off adding plants til this clears up. Its a bit cloudy, should clear up by morning.

Heres a few specs,
substrate is TMS, with egg crate below,
eqip. Penguin Bio wheel 200, an 350. in tank heater.
Lighting is a stock 32 watt lamp.
Plants to be:
Im going to use anubias b. an nana, also some Java fern, maby java moss, for now. I may add other plant, the fish in the tank are a limiting factor, as far as plants that can be used.
Livestock currently in tank,1 chochlate pleco, 1 red hook, 2 firemouth cichlids, 4 sisortail rosabora, 4 peppered corys, 5 glowlight tetras, an 6 blacklight tetras.

I plan to retro fit the hood with a 54w T5 lamp, using a Workhorse ballist, so I can add lamps latter if I want. An if I realy get bored, Ill make a canister filter. Also get rid of the backround.

Ive kept both the red hook, an pleco in my planted tank at one time or another. They both love swords, The red hook did a little nibbling here an their but never realy chewed up a whole plant. The firemouths are ony about 2" now, but may reach 6", an from what I read will do some digging. I may be asking for a headach trying to keep plants in this tank, hoping that things go well tough.

If anyone has any sugestions please share them. I only have about 6 months experience keeping plants so Im learning more all the time. An I value the help that everyone here gives so freely.

Can anyone make a sugestion on attaching plants to large rocks. Im thinking of trying epoxy, I can mix it, stick to the plant an to the rock. An it will harden under water. Has anyone done this?

Thanks for checking this out, hope you enjoy this thread.

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