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Originally Posted by DebbyS View Post

--I just noted the board calls me an "Algae Grower". I'll strike back with advising the use of hydrogen peroxide. It kills the hairy stuff, particularly on Java Fern. It turns that algae a bizarre orange red color...
The algae grower name is only because of the number of posts and other things. Personally, we ALL are algae growers.

So hydrogen peroxide works on BBA (Black Beard Algae)? Will wonders never cease. Why have I never read about that before? I have two Anubias barteri that are covered in the stuff because my cichlids eat the leaves. Anubias are always touted as "hearty" with cichlids. Guess my fish never read that part.

A couple of notes on PetCo and Petsmart plants. I have seen that they put fish into their plant tanks, which may be pleasing to the eye, but if the fish are diseased (which they always seem to be in my luck/experience) and you put your great new plants in and baam...your fish have Ich. Once again my one experience that has made me never go back.

Just my $.02
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