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I hope your move-in went well. Sorry about this sudden bout of cold weather (though it's at least 30 degrees colder in the area of Colorado Springs, according to a client who lives up there). But rest assured the weather will warm up again quickly and we'll be dry...

I also regret not checking back here sooner. I don't need any plants though. Lately (seems like every two weeks) I've been giving extra water sprite to Clark's (on Lomas) because that plant has been growing like mad. It's proper, though, to give it to Clark's since I bought the original plant from them.

If anyone needs a fish, Lucky Buddy (no longer Phrie) is now close to 3" long and while he seems to enjoy his planted 10-gallon tank, he doesn't know any better and I'm sure he would be happier in something no less than twice as big. If he goes to a better home, come spring I can get more appropriate fish to keep my four pygmy cories company in the same tank. I'd be happy to give away LB, an Australian Rainbow who is smart enough now to almost realize that seeing me may mean he gets fed. But I don't have a car nor a plan to catch him (a few ideas based on his darting up to grab food), so anyone who wanted me would have to visit me in downtown Albuquerque.

I also have a betta, Bob, who developed pop eye in one eye, argh. He gets a 1/3 to 1/2 water change in a 2.5G tank about every 3 days, so I don't think it was unsanitary conditions. But if it was, I've added coloidal silver and aloe vera juice to his water (just a bit of each) and even some garlic, all to kill problem infective agents or to sooth. He seemed to be able to see out of the affected eye until recently. I don't know what I'll do for him if the other eye starts popping. He is otherwise looking fine, eating, and swimming about... poor little guy... but a good buy at Walmart last year (Clark's bettas always look a little worn...).

Buying plants in town I've discovered the PetSmart on Eubank is pretty good. The long bus ride and 1/2 mile walk are good if the weather is nice. I would visit the one near CostCo on the north end of town from time to time (if I got a ride there) and was always disappointed -- until recently, when I found they had TopFin tube plants, including some nice looking anubias nanas! I bought one for about $4 (not the $6 rung up, I showed them the proper price) and it is doing well. Clark's plants are nice -- when they have them. They seem to get in a shipment and sell them immediately, most of the time. When they do have plents of plants... I don't need any. Again, this is the Lomas store. I've given up on the PetCo store on north San Mateo.

I have bought all my fish (or got Lucky Buddy by accident) from Clark's, mainly because they are the closest. The WalMart on San Mateo between Central and Zuni has a pet department with fish. The last time I visited they had some tempting plants but no clerks to help. I felt sorry for the fish, though, because taking any plants from their tanks would deprive them of a bit of variety in life.

I'd like to join a local fish club, too, if only to pass along extra water sprite and one big fish

--I just noted the board calls me an "Algae Grower". I'll strike back with advising the use of hydrogen peroxide. It kills the hairy stuff, particularly on Java Fern. It turns that algae a bizarre orange red color...
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