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Oh boy...

I read it and was like..."well to make ANY of my dream scapes, I would probably follow most, if not all, of these rules". Than I read a lot of the nay sayers' thoughts and it kinda agrivated me(not a lot...just a little).

Yes it is your tank and by all means do what you like with it. But show me one amano scape that doesn't follow these rules. And that being me one amano scape you wouldnt put anywhere in your house.

That being said...yes there are some rules that can be broken or twisted, but most of these ideas rules have been formed over time and have been proven to work pretty well. I see tanks a lot of times and I think "if only the'd remove that huge plant" or "man if they just slope a little more" or "man what plant do they NOT have..." etc...

The point I guess I'm trying to make is don't call the original poster out for not seeing everyone's personal taste in aquascaping...because deep down... I think most of the experienced aquascapers accept and practice these rules... There is an art to aquascaping, and just like painting or sculptin, you CAN do whatever you like...but most of the really "great" works are created following the rules that apply to that form of art...

Sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes...just had to put my two cents in...
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