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No pictures yet as no major change in growth to report. I had to trim the rotala, ludwiga and dwarf aquatic lily leaves which were growing to the top and blocking off too much light to the plants below. However, diatom reared its ugly head and the tank is now in the midst of a diatom algae bloom. I was waivering on how best to deal with this. My options were: (1) throw in a otocat to feed off the diatom algae, or a amano shrimp, or nerite snail, or (2) just wait it out and continue with regular water changes with the hope the diatom algae will disappear on its own. I went with option (1) and added an otocat yesterday. He has already cleared the tank of 35% of the diatom algae in one day. Hope he makes it. He appeared pretty stressed with the acclimitization and transition judging from how much his color faded.
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