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Originally Posted by Homer_Simpson View Post
Great looking tank.
Keep us updated. I will be curious to see how long this tank will stand up before nutrient deficiency symptoms begin to surface. Lots of people that I spoke to that set up Natural Planted tanks told me that the tanks started out really well, but then all the plants ended up dieing. The floaters are probably helping filter some of the light helping to prevent algae, but they will also suck up nutrients like a sponge.

Good luck.
Hoping Diana Walstad was right in Ecology of the Planted Aquarium, she says an unnderlayer of potting soil should last for 8 years or so before giving up all its nutrients (for those of you that have the book, its pg. 140). If that's the case, the plants shouldn't be deficient in anything major for quite a while. I guess only time will tell.

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