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Originally Posted by mybrotherdarrell View Post
Hello all! I live in Denver right now - my fiance just got a job down in ABQ so we're making the move soon. (hopefully my the middle of January)

I have some plants that I am of course willing to share (java fern and moss, jungle val, two crypts (one is tall, narrow and green, the other is short wide and brown), hairgrass and sunset hygro) - but if you guys have anything specific you want me to poke around up here for, I'd be happy to bring it down - it's only a 6.5 hr ride - too much for fish I think, but fine for plants.

Also, I am very interested in joining or starting a planted tank club. I think that would be fun and very helpful.

I will be setting up a 50g+, 20g, and 10g down there. So, if anyone is restocking their tank or had some babies - let me know. I'll be needing a lot of fish, and from what you have written, it sounds like there isn't a heck of a lot of choice as far as stores go. (I've been so spoiled - three really great local store within 25 minutes of me here in Denver).
i read some where that some one made a move of over 2000 miles with their fish and they all made it.
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