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Originally Posted by Craigthor View Post
Could always get a pair of acrylics. Also the Aquatic magic FLO pipes from e-bay can be had really cheap about $50 set shipped if you watch.

My vision with the wood coming out of the back would be to have the wood in the back with a tall stem surrounding the base of the wood. you could put several types and get a layered effect coming towards the front with the foreground being low. Also a touch of moss on a couple of the branches would highlight it. have the large rocks in the front edge scattered through the wood and giving you more angles.

I will definitely keep this in mind and thanks for the vision. I understand what you are getting at and sounds like a good idea and would look good. If the background plants don't fill in like I want them to, I will go with your idea. Thanks!

Originally Posted by sewingalot View Post
Even with the equipment showing, you make this tank outstanding! I miss the 55, but I think I found a new tank to follow.
Thanks! I hope this tank will look better then my 55. I do miss it as well but I cut my work in half and will be able to focus more on one tank. I hope I can still inspire people with this tank. I have heard it said that it is difficult to scape a corner tank, but I hope to prove that theory wrong

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