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Originally Posted by kor4ever
well, I have floating plants that absorb some light and my tank is pretty dense. I have moneywort, rotala wallichi, Eleocharis parvula, Cabomba caroliniana, Egeria Densa, and ALOT of Alternanthera reineckii(I believe, not sure). The floating plants I have are water lettuce.


What what I see there is no need for that much light.

People usually think that when they get tons of light over their tanks, plants will grow without any problems.

With that much light you would need to keep up with nutritients and CO2 injection to prevent from algae.

I would recommend to to keep the light around 3 wpg and keep up with nutrititients and CO2.

Also don't make drastic changes as those are not the best on plants neither.

Good luck
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