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"Tranquility" - Mark's 90 Corner Bow Front (2012 Changes Coming!)

This journal is a combination of my 2 journals that I have links to in my sig. I started on New Years day and completed last night (with a few breaks in between of course) I started off first with tearing down my 90 gallon because I wanted to paint the back. The paint I used was a textured paint called canyon moss. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it but it turned out pretty good.
While this paint dried (6-7 hours) I tore down my 55 gallon. I cleaned 3-30gal tubs I had to put the fish and plants in. I ran my fluval filters in the tubs with the fish while I was doing everything else. I was able to get the tank set back up and the eco-complete from my 55 gallon into my 90 gal by late New Years night.
Friday and Saturday I spent the day setting up my equipment under the tank, aquascaping the tank and getting the fish acclimated to the new tank.

So here is what I ended up with (still need to add my erios to the front)....

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