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The Do!Aqua tanks appear to ME as being almost the same as the ADA tanks, other than the logo on the front. I'll get some photos posted. On the lighting, the LED light is NOT a complete setup, it's a 10W bulb all by itself. I got some on ebay and had to mount them to CPU fans to keep them cool. If I just hooked them up to a 12V source they would burn themselves out in less than a minute (I was told). Here are some photos of the light assembly, but keep in mind it's a prototype and does not have a mounting method just yet:

Also, I don't think AFA has any more Do!Aqua tanks any more. I talked to Stephen (one of the owners) about it and he said because of the Japanese Yen they are not sure when the next shipment will be placed from Japan. Last time they got a 40-foot container back in mid-October that included quite a few tanks, but I think they sold most of them.

I also just got their last 60-F which is the same footprint as the 60-P ADA tank, but it's short. I think it's about 7-8" tall. I am going to use it just to harvest more plants, and I may post photos of it on here if it's remotely interesting.

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