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Arrow CL's ADA 30-C II- Flooded Forest

Okay, here goes. I couldn't stand not having water in this puppy, so I cleaned it out, went and got some wood from my yard, and have done a rough- scape. I made a stand out of some cinder blocks (I guess technically concrete blocks?) that I already had and put a board on top of them. So far, I actually like the color, nice grey with the bleached looking unfinished wood. Not bad for less than $5 (assuming that I didn't have the stuff sitting around already). I just wish it had some storage .The light is a hampton bay light (26 or 27 watts) There will be pressurized co2 with an inline reactor. The substrate will be ADA Aquasoil. I will have some UG, anubias petite, blyxa japonica, rotala nanjenshan, ammania sp. bonsai, and ludwigia arcuata with the possibility of some limnophila aromatica and hm. An Eheim 2213 will provide filtration. I'm going to keep some otos and boraroras and maybe some snowball shrimp. Here is the tank as of now (I will probably change it before I'm done planting, and I am going to make the wood more appealing [no cuts that are straight across])

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