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The Do!Aqua tank

The tank was $39 I believe, compared to the ADA Mini-S at $60 from Aqua Forest Aquarium. I'll get some photos of the tank and it's edges.

Also, on the lighting, I do believe that it's not enough so I am working on an 18-watt solution that I believe will do much better. Also, I am going to experiment with an LED option that I really like. I found a 10-watt LED on ebay from Hong Kong that is extremely bright. Even though it's rated at 10 watts, it's 650 lumens! That's almost as bright as my LCD projector which is rated at 1000 lumens. Here's some sample photos I took of the 3 lighting systems before starting the tank:

This is the light I am using right now. They are really hard to find, by the way, the only place I can find that sells them is and that's also where I found the CO2 paintball regulator. The LED option is a little "bluer" than I'd like it to be but it's supposed to be in the plant growth temperature. I was probably going to use two of them. If anyone wants some more photos of the lights themselves let me know, I have quite a few as I wanted to document this tank build with lots of photos.

As far as the vinyl tubing, I have of course preferred the clear tubing (even going to the trouble of finding tubing with NO printing on it) but it generally grows algae quicker than I'd like it to. I found the Hagen 1/2" smoke tubing is both softer and easier to work with (makes bends a lot easier) it also has the advantage of slowing down the algae growth to almost nothing. I only have to brush out the tubing on my other tanks maybe once every 3 months or so instead of every 3-4 weeks for the clear tubing.

I was just preparing for a water change just before the photos were taken, so I had started to siphon the water when I stopped to take the photos. I found that sometimes after a water change if I am not careful the substrate can be stirred up slightly and it can make the water a little cloudy until it settles again. I have a fancy "siphon from a bottle and fill the tank through a sponge" refill kit I made to prevent substrate disturbances but I didn't want to take any chances before photographs were taken.

Thanks again for all the comments!
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