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ADA Mini-S Tank: General opinions wanted

I wanted to share one of my tanks I recently set up in a few hours. The tank is an ADA (Do!Aqua version) Mini-S tank (31cm wide) that I recently picked up from Aqua Forest in San Francisco. It uses 3 Ryuoh stones, ADA Amazonia II substrate, and many plants included glossostigma, H.C., and other stemmed plants.

CO2 injection
  • I am using a Dazs CO2 diffuser for this tank, I have other as well that work just fine, but I like the bubbles from the Dazs unit as they appear to be smaller than those from the ADA/Do!Aqua models.
  • The CO2 source is a paintball cylinder (I have a friend in the business). The CO2 is solenoid controlled with the light.
  • The bubble counter is on the side, and I use an NV-55 needle valve for the highest precision, it works the best in my opinion
  • The lighting is a Tom's Aquatics with a 13W CF bulb.
  • Currently the timer runs for 10 hours a day
  • I use a Tom's Aquatics C80 mini canister filter with this setup:
  1. I dump all filter media that it originally comes with.
  2. One side gets plain old filter floss for mechanical filtration.
  3. The other side gets a filling of Matrix bio media and a bag of Purigen for chemical, I use that instead of carbon.
  4. I also added some pre-colonized plastic media to help jump start the cycling process; this may get replaced with more Matrix later.
  • The filter pipes are Do!Aqua, although I will replace them with the Cal-Aqua Fluxus pipe setup, I like them better and they are half the price. They are also easier to clean than the Do!Aqua pipes.
This tank also has two plants that are recovering from other tanks, the H.C. and some tall stemmed plants in the back were right on the edge of not making it in the tanks they were in, so I moved them here to try and revive them. It seems to be working. Right now the tank is cycling so there is no livestock at this time.

Thanks for reading, and any comments would be appreciated on any of the above information or on the photos.

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