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"Zen Sands" Picotope new pics 5/11

So I have decided that the one thing my house is missing is a fish tank (I used to have a 75 gallon koi tank, but I sold it to get my parrot a new play gym).

Once this is complete I will have every Order of life living in my house: Mammalian (dogs and humans), Avian (Saba and Teak), Reptilian (African Housesnake), Amphibian (Dart Frog), Insectia (flies and crickets for frog), Fish (uh...the fish), Invertibrates (Shrimp), Plants (plants), Fungi (there is some of that in the frog tank, Bacteria (are everywhere).

Instead of just focusing on the tank I have set up a whole plant corner in my birdroom with an orchid that hopefully I can keep alive.

Here is the first step! The wood is African Root Wood, the bottom is a combination of Plant Gold and sand, there is one rock and one bit of petrified wood. I've painted the back black with good old fashion acrylic.

There is a 9w 50/50 on the little lamp and a 29W tropical grow light (that was turned off for this photo cause of camera glare), so there is more light than it seems in this photo and I will be getting all low light plants. I have also moved the pico light to the back up on a peice of glass.

The water is pure RO with RO Right added to give it a soft/medium hardness. The heat is provided by a reptile heat pad stuck to the back glass. CO2 will be provided by a slight overstock on small schooling fishes (hopefully Aussie Blue Eyes).

I'll be updating pics as I go!

Day One:

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