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First! Look at the BlueAquarium site! Some of those look like pictures of asian landscape! I think the idea of recreating "land underwater" is amazing!

Second! Brian0 I just am not following...sorry, please explain.
Third! I started my tests tonight, we are gonna get this done one way or another! I have lots of different sand but here is my theory...experienced people please weigh in! I started out with fine black sand a bubbler and a typical 1" clear tube. I just wanted to get the sand to shoot out of the top for starters. I can get the sand to shoot out for a second but then it stops...also, it is not NEAR the volume I would like! In the pic they must have had a TON of sand blowing up the tube, trust me. I think tomorrow I will try heavier sand. I used the super fine black sand today, tomorrow I will try out the blasting sand, it is #3 on the grit if you guys know what that is. There is bigger stuff out there. The only problem is the thicker it is, the more flow you have to create! I think that if I cut the hole in the tube 3/4 the way up, and allow the air to keep going to the top, I can get the sand to fall straight out and the bubble to keep rising without sand. (If the sand is heavy enough but the pump still is strong enough.) If not, I am going to put a type of "sifter" at the top of the tube at an angle, the large grains of sand will be caught and pushed out while the air will just separate and continue through the little cracks.

Any ideas? I will begin to take pics tomorrow. Please help me get this done, I plan on doing a 75 and have a great layout for it if it works!
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