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Rescaped Dart Viv pics

This is a 18x18x24 Exo terra vivarium that doesn't like to have it's picture taken. Sigh. I swear it looks nicer than this in real life. When I take pics the wood always comes out looking like dirt! This has been running around 2 years now (that plant in the back used to be jus two little leaves). It is home to a four year old Yellow Banded Poison Dart Frog.

This is a false bottom tank, with four levels under the 'dirt' and about five inches of water in the bottom (that the frog can't get to). The driftwood to the right is actaully glued to the glass, to give depth.

If anyone knows good tips on taking pics, please let me know! I have a good camera, but poor skills.

This is how it started out

Here's Bee the frog!

Here's a close up when I first got her, she's much fatter now.

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