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Well I changed out the left rock. After staring at it all day I jsut wasn't felling it. the shape was wrong compared to the rest of hte rocks. Everything else was flowing and this was just too pointed and jagged and ruined the feel. Also made the tank feel crowded IMO. I replace it with a shorter round rock but still kept my depth may have to touch up with a bit of AS Powder but I will let it all settle and see what I think. I also added a fourth rock to the group in the back left corner. Very small and covered it in Fissidens to let it grow out. I will replace it with a different Fissidens if it make it to my place alive from overseas. The middle rock is now home to a portion of Mini Pellia that I received I have some more coming but may not need all of it. Will also add another patch of UG to it tomorrow to fill in the now bare spots from playing rock go round.

Sorry the pics are horrible, and the water is cloudy from moving the rocks around.

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