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SdJaCK&SaLLy-Thanks! I just thought it might need something extra as it seems like it looks plain to me.

A Hill
- It's L. Aquatica (Giant Ambulia). Good eye! So your saying to move the rotala bush to the far left? If that's so, I have some thoughts of my own to compromise that because I do like those ideas. So big bush of rotala to the left. Then Giant Ambulia next to it slightly off center to the left or right of the tank and a "street" of red plants. For the red I like the ludwigia you mentioned. What do you think (unless that was what you meant)? Oh, and the rams spawned again and are swimming with the 100+ fry currently. Thanks for asking.

Just to mention, The only time if a rescape will come will be x-mas break or so.
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