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I think this scape could look better if you took the ambulia (what the heck is the name of the plant on the left? It isn't cabomba right? its that other weird spelled stem?) and maybe moved in to the right for the time being.

Then I would cut the central group of stems in half and replant the stems on the left as well.

Finally either pull the stems that where moved to the right and add something that has some red accents and do a "street" going from the back right coming around and accenting the wood and going in front of the stems red ludwigia maybe (spelling is wrong i know...) (keep it trimmed pretty low) or even add some crypts like Wendettii bronze in the midground to give it a bit more contrast, again keep the plant trimmed low. Another option could be a red tiger lily it would need to be kept small by trimming it often though.

Just some thoughts, How are the Rams doing?

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