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I was considering some of the larger crypts like balansae or retrospiralis, maybe even c. helferi.

Ed- I was considering the red plant and i love glandulosa. I've been afraid of trying it though as I'm not good with red plants. I could be totally wrong about this and I'm in the process (as you can see) of acquiring the final accent plants. How do you think the glandulosa would look with 2-5 stems right in front of where the r. indica and the l. aquatica meet?

kotoeloncat- thanks. . .I try with the trimming and the plants sometimes grows towards the window if I leave it open and it's sunny so it looks messy on occasion. Usually they grow how I like it. I like to keep the l. aquatica low. As I mentioned to Ed, for red, I agree that glandulosa might be nice.

I like the look and change of leaf shape of longer leaved plants like the ones I mentioned at the start of the posts. I was also considering some marsh pennywort to grow through the hairgrass on the right side but I'm not sure. So what do you think about the possible glandulosa placement?
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