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No new pics of the tank (it's just a jumble of fast-growers right now), but a few more pics of the inhabitants.

I managed to take a couple of better pics of the furcatus...

My LFS was expecting some red cherry shrimp, but they received japonicas instead...

And finally, I moved my two apistos over from the 6g. I had originally listed them as "cobalt apisto agassizii", which is how they were labelled at the LFS. But I posted a pic over at and have been informed that they're actually a hybrid called apistogramma sp. steelblue. They also think that I've got two males, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I've posted a couple more pics over there and am waiting for clarification. Anyway, here's the apisto that's definitely a male...

The furcatus are working out great as dither fish so far. Both of the apistos feel secure enough to swim around in the open and they seem really happy in their new home. And so far nobody's eaten any of the shrimp, although three of them have moulted already which made me think the worst when I first saw it!

The hairgrass is starting to spread nicely, and my LFS has ordered some pearlgrass for me -- hopefully it'll come in this week's order.

Can't wait to get rid of all the h.polysperma!

Oh, and I forgot to mention someone laid a few eggs in there! I didn't notice until the day after I had done a bit of vacuuming of the hairgrass, and when I did see them, I could only find a few. And of those few, most of them were white. They seemed to be scattered about rather than all in one place. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything I could transfer them to, so I had to leave them. They were gone the next day. It would've been either the furcatus or the ottos (they were the only inhabitants at the time). So I've bought a breeding net -- if I see any more eggs, I'll be transferring them.

Would amanos eat eggs? Or strictly algae? How about red cherries?

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