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Well that's not good.

I got the 40 long, the 40 breeder, and the 15 gallon back here to my other house. and the 40 long is currently out on the dock for it's leak test. When I was emptying out the gravel though, I noticed that there appears to be a crack in the bottom panel that's been sealed and then reinforced with another thick piece of glass. It doesnt seem to be leaking noticeably with an inch of water in the bottom, but i'll have to check back in an hour.

Also, my dad managed to crack about a foot off the top rim a little to easily.

The silicone is definately old, and crappy.

I think eventually this means i'll be rebuilding this tank with a new bottom piece. But for the meantime, if it holds water, how would building a new rim work?

Either way. It looks like i'll be ordering some silicone.

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