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I went to another LFS and found some Brazilian Micro Sword, for R$ 5,40, so I bought it. It has what seems to be flowers. When I got it, it was emersed. So I don't know if there shall be problems, cause it is now submersed. And today I:
1) Washed and added the substrate
2) Added the azoo fert to the substrate
3) Added the java fern and micro sword
4) Put it the Co2 tablet

Here are some pics of my temporary layout:

I'll add HC as soon as it gets here

But I have a question about the micro sword, how do you take it apart? Cause when I took it out of the pot, I found it impossible to spread the plantlets apart because the roots were so dense and attached to each other. And I spread it apart as much as I could. So how is it done?
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