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For the very few that are reading my journal and experiencing the same challenges as I am, please follow along. Today I went to my LFS and bought a FEW things. I bought:
1) A rock That will support my java fern
2) Substrate
3) Substrate fertilizer from azoo (Azoo condensed additional fertilizer)
4) Co2 tablet
5) A ghost shrimp (camarão fantasma) I really wanted an amano or a RCS but you
can't find them in São Paulo. Yes I know it's way too early to get livestock, but he
will stay in my other small cycled tank. For now, he's my only fauna.

I didn't get the HC yet, cause it wasn't in stock, will probably get it on Weds. I wanted to try the emersed growth on the HC, but I don't think I can handle it after submersed.
Soo here are some crappy pics:

This is the fert I'm using, the guy at my LFS said that I CAN'T break into smaller pieces
But I'm thinking, dude it's just a ball of nutrients and crap, why can't I break it into smaller pieces to spread out evenly on the substrate. So now the question is: Can I break this ball of fert into smaller pieces?
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